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December 10, 2007

Dr A. K. Gupta, IFS was deputed as Project Director of the IGDC Project

May 21, 2008

Financial Agreement in between the KfW, the German Development Bank and the Government of India was signed

May 30, 2008

Separate Agreement between KfW and GoT was signed

September 12, 2008

Natural Resource Management Society of Tripura (NRMST) was registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860

October 29, 2008

Project area was notified by the Joint Secretary to the Forest Department, GoT

December 8, 2008

First General Body meeting of the NRMST was held

December 30, 2008

Contract between GoT and GOPA for consultancy services was signed.

January 21, 2009

Three Divisional Project Directorate (DvPD) Offices at Ambassa, Manu and Kanchanpur were established.

January 21, 2009

Offices of Range Project Management Authorities (RPMAs) were established.

January 21, 2009

Financial power was delegated to Project Officials by GoT.

February 23, 2009

Technical Advisory Team (TAT) was joined and the Project was formally incepted.

March, 2009

The first JFMC under the Project (through Project initiatives) named Sichanai JFMC with 82 members under Manikpur ADC village was formed.

April 1, 2009

Agreement for implementation of Technical Cooperation with GIZ (Former GTZ) was signed.

April 24-30, 2009

The first KfW review mission consisting of Mr. Nand Kishore Awrawal and Mr. Guenther Haase was held.

June 12, 2009

IGDC Project was officially launched at Ambassa by Sri Manik Sarkar, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Tripura

August 21, 2009

Office of Project Management Authority was established at Agartala and formally inaugurated by Sri Jitendra Coudhury, Hon'ble Forest Minister, Tripura at Krishnanagar

August 21, 2009

Office of District Project Management Authority at Ambassa was established at Ambassa DFO premises.

September 7, 2009

Organized the first formal workshop under the Project. The workshop was on orientation programme for various stakeholders at Pragna Bhawan, Agartal

September 14, 2009

First District Project Governance Board (DPGB) meeting was held at Ambassa

October 29-30, 2009

First Capacity Building training programme for the Project Officials. It was on VDP process and methods at Ambassa

October 31, 2009

Switch over from implementing through JFMC mode to Village Development Planning and Implementation Mode (VDPIC). Constituted the first VDPIC at Kathalbari ADC Village under the Project.

October 31 to November 4, 2009

First Village Development Plan exercise in Kathalbari ADC villages

November 11, 2009

Formed the first Self-Help Group named Shisaha SHG at Kathalbari (Registration date: August 21, 2010).

December 15, 2009

An NGO Service Provider, named Dishari was engaged to assist field level implementation and for Human Resource Support at field level. Village Community Workers (VCWs), Block Level Coordinators (BLCs) and Project Cum Data Management Supervisor (PDMS) were engaged.


Started Construction of Check Dams (CDs) as Soil and Moisture Conservation Measure. Constructed 40 CDs during 2009-10 through JFMCs.


First DPN was established at Kathalbari

January 5-12, 2010

First Exposure visit for SHG, JFMC, VC members of Kathalbari ADC village was conducted at RRTC, Umran, Meghalaya

January 21-24, 2010

Participated in Annual Van-Mela- the first extension initiative under the Project.

July 27, 2010

Organised the first Capacity Building workshop for the VCWs

June 8, 2010

All the model VDPs (Kathalbari, Ashapurna Roaja Para, Lalcherra, Kangrai, Ramnagar, Damcherra RF, Kalagang and East Chawmanu) was vetted in the 3rd DPGB meeting.

June 18,2010

First JDSC meeting was held at Manu. First VDP (Lalcherra) was approved by JDSC.

September 27 - October 1, 2010

First Livelihood training (Fishery) for the villagers at Fishery college, Agartala at state level was conducted.

September 30-31, 2010

First Block level Piggery Training was conducted at Ambassa on Piggery.

October 10, 2010

First time fund was disbursed from PMA to VDPIC's Bank A/c for implementation of Project Activities (Piplacherra, Damcherra RF).

November 8, 2010

In order to constitute Decentralized Peoples' Nursery (DPN), first onsite nursery training was conducted at Ambassa.

November 23-26, 2010

First within the state Exposure Visit for VDPIC and SHG Members from Ashapurna Roaja Para and Ramnagar was conducted


Sustainable Development of Patta land through Horti/Bamboo plantation.

January 18, 2011

Khatang, Suravi and Karak SHG under Ashapurna Roaja Para: first three SHG under the Project which got the first round Seed Money.

March 14, 2011

First Accounts Training for the SHG members under the Project at Ramnagar and Ashapurna Roaja Para

August 1, 2011

First Accounts Training for the VDPIC members under the Project at Chawmanu RD Block

October 17-22, 2011

First Exposure visit for Project officials at Maharastra and Gujrat

March 6 to 14, 2012

Mid Term Review was held

June, 2012

Observed Vanamohatsava first time in IGDC Project. Conducted 64 Vonamohatsava programmes.


Switch over from Pure Horti and Bamboo plantation to 3-tier Agri-Horti-Forestry Plantation.


Direct Cash Transfer to Beneficiaries Bank A/c for plantation and Check Dam was introduced.


First Quality Planting Material Nursery was established at South Kachucherra.

March 2012

Last VDP exercise was completed (Kalyan Singh)

March 22, 2012

Road Sadak, Khumber Bodal and Ujjal Sangha SHG under East Chawmanu : first three SHG which got the second round Seed Money.

April to June 2012

First long-term Vocational Training on Tailoring was conducted at Vangmun

July 16-20, 2012

First Livelihood refresher training was conducted on Piggery at National Research Centre on Piggery, ICAR, Rani, Guwahati

August 27, 2012

First Exposure visit within successful project implementation area for the VDPIC and SHG members were conducted.


Introduction of 15 types of Vocational Training. Special Vocational Training for Village Women on Tailoring, Weaving and ornaments making


First Business Cluster at J. B. Para (Fishery) was developed.


Revolving Fund (RF) guideline was developed and RF mechanism was operationalised.

February 16-17, 2013

First Livelihood refresher training (within Tripura) was conducted on Piggery

August 22-29, 2013

First Overseas Exposure visit for Project officials at Germany and United Kingdom led by Jitendra Chowdhury, Hon'ble Forest Minister

August 24, 2013

First Bio Diversity Management Committee formed under the Project at Srirampur (Durgachowmuhani)

October 22, 2013

First Workshop on Revolving Fund Management for the Villagers was conducted.

December 29, 2014 to January 15, 2015

First long-term residential Training was conducted at Sipahijala on Candel making


High-yield Captive Bamboo plantation was introduced.


Bio Composting was introduced. First Training programme for the villagers and Project Officials was organised at Ambassa


RF was disbursed to VDPIC's A/c.


As a consolidation measure for Check Dam, a new concept of Catchment area plantation was developed.


Two new fish farming model: integrated fish farming and Commercial fish farming model was developed.


First Mechanised Agarbatti Rolling Centre was established at South Kachucherra ADC Village.


As a sustainable development of RoFR land, a new concept, Consolidation of old plantation was introduced.


Five model plan on Sustainable Forest Management was developed

January 3 – 15, 2014

First time IGDC Project was participated in the Regional SHG fair (SARAS Mela). IGDC Project was recognised as 3rd prize.

September 4-6, 2014

First Livelihood Advance training was conducted at ICR-Lambucherra on Goatery

September 20, 2014

First programme on Tools and Equipment Support to Vocational Trainees was held at Kulai Town hall. A total of 274 VT trainees benifited.

January 3-15, 2015

IGDC Project was recognised as First prize in the Regional SHG fair (SARAS Mela).


Implementation of Sustainable Forest Management was started at Sikaribari.

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