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The Indo-German Development Co-operation Project entitled "Participatory Natural Resource Management in Tripura" primarily aims at enhancing the livelihoods of poor rural people (with the focus on tribal shifting cultivators) and improvement in the environmental conditions in the target areas as a secondary purpose. The Project, therefore, aims at addressing three related issues i.e. Socio-economic "Hardship" of the poor rural people in the target areas by addressing through measures that identify and support alternative livelihoods including access to cash income, wage employment and forest-based enterprise in markets. The issue of "Environmental Degradation" is to be addressed through measures to enhance forest and environmental productivity for a range of products. The third issue i.e. "Sustainable Utilization of Resources" is likely to be addressed in the Project through supporting and strengthening measures to utilize existing opportunities of the target groups to benefit through more forest productivity, such as- improved sharing and access to increased quantities of forest products. This is aimed to be achieved by empowering the Village Development Planning and Implementation Committee.

2. In view of the above, the Project envisages at selection of target groups with following characteristics, viz- high level of poverty (mostly but not exclusively), tribal communities, a high level of dependency on shifting cultivation, people living within and in proximity of high forest cover, degraded forest environment, inaccessibility, poor reaches to Government services and lack of infrastructure (roads, electricity, drinking water etc.), etc.

3. The proposed implementation strategy of the Project aims at "Improved natural resource conditions for supporting enhanced livelihoods of forest dependent communities". This Project objective is likely to contribute towards overall objective drawn from the peoples' plan of Govt of Tripura for development of the state's population through state-wide objective of "The equitable improvement and general standard of living of all sections of the population, specially Schedule Tribes, Schedule Castes, Minorities and Other Backward Communities".

4. The key principles of the Project are:

(i) Participatory process.

(ii) Village institutions as Project planning, implementation and monitoring agencies.

(iii) Contributions to the beneficiaries for ensuring a feeling of ownership for the activities.

(iv) Involvement of democratically elected bodies at the Block, District and State level for implementation of the Project.

(v) Fund convergence by way of contributions from existing State & Central Schemes to fund a proportion of costs of a Village Economic Plan to ensure the longer-term sustainability of the overall Project.

5. The five recommended Project Results are:

(i) Effective, transparent and participatory planning system are developed and implemented at both village and strategic level.

(ii) Village-based institutions for planning, implementation and monitoring of the economic development and livelihoods oriented programmes are strengthened.

(iii) Pro-poor natural resource-based enterprises are developed and effectively linked to marketing organisations and institutions.

(iv) Activities for sustainable utilisation of natural resources and other activities for enhancing rural livelihoods.

(v) Project management and wider enabling environment is made mandatory with the Principles of Good Natural Resources Governance.

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