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Decentralized Peoples Nursery(DPN)

Under the IGDC Project, a total of 11,000 ha of plantation are envisaged to be done, to give direct and indirect natural resource-based benefits to the project beneficiaries. To accomplish this, about 1,98,76,255 nos. of Bamboo seedlings, and 34,50,000 nos. of Horti-forestry species of seedling will be required by the project. On the first year of the project, the plantation target was met through the procurement of seedlings from the state Forest Department.

The second year onwards, the project has adopted the Decentralized People’s Nursery (interchangeably called the ‘DPN’, or ‘DCPN’) approach. In this model, the nurseries, required for the target-plantation by the project, are being raised by the project beneficiaries themselves. Under the project, both individual beneficiaries, as well as SHGs are being encouraged to undertake DPN.

The DPN-approach is expected to bring multiple advantages, primarily to the beneficiaries. On one hand, this will reduce the dependency for supply of nurseries upon other sources. This will ensure timely plantation activities in the project villages (plantations form a major part of the development plans for the villages), which will ultimately get translated into timely benefits to the beneficiaries- in the form of NR-based products, within the expected yielding time. On the other hand, working for raising nurseries, under the DPN model, will ensure short term economic benefits to the beneficiaries, as they will be paid for the work at per the govt. approved rates. Nonetheless, some of the individuals, as well as, groups, who are undertaking DPN-work, may grow the potential to have nursery-raising as an individual business in itself.

The nurseries, produced by the DPNs under the project, have an assured buy-back guarantee- either by the Village Development & Implementation Committees (VDPICs ), or by the Forest Deptt. [VDPICs require the nurseries to undertake plantation activities in the respective villages as part of the village development planning]

The villagers, undertaking DPN-works, are given technical training on nursery raising and plantation techniques by the project. DPN-related activities are being undertaken (in the initial years) under the expert supervision of the concerned Nodal Officers (Foresters) to ensure viability of the nurseries. At present, DPN is being raised in 47 project villages, which is giving benefits to about 1052 beneficiaries. During the F.Y 2010-11, about 11.23 lakh Horti and 5.03 lakh Bamboo nurseries have been raised in the concerned project villages. All of these are expected to give economic benefit to the beneficiaries in the tune of Rs. 33.00 lakh (Rs. 3200/beneficiary, approx).

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