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Market link with Income Generating Activities (IGAs)

As part of providing the project beneficiaries sustainable livelihood means, they are adequately trained in various Income Generating Activities (IGAs)- primarily in piggery, goatary, cultivation & processing of medicinal plantations, bamboo-based activities, and fishery. The inputs for production (i.e. Piglets, Bamboo, Fingerlings etc.) are, either supplied through project interventions, or arranged by the villagers themselves. It is well understood, that, though the villagers are/may be made capable in due course through Project Intervention to generate quality products, given the geographic location & lack of communication support may deprive them to find a suitable market to sell their products at a most attractive prices. Therefore, the project aims at linking the IGAs with viable markets at local, state and national levels. Market mapping being promoted under the project may help to identifying products having viable and sustainable demands. Agarbatti-stick is a case in example. The Project is successfully making efforts in finding demand-supply gaps in this industry, where Tripura features as one of the biggest suppliers of the processed-sticks in the country. The Project envisages setting up of new SHGs having links with the producers, which will be continued to be replicated for SHGs to be constituted subsequently. Or, for example, promotion of Fishery as one of the IGAs by the project. To capitalize on the large demand for fish throughout the state, many of the SHGs have been given training on Fishery. The local cooperatives have been linked with all such SHGs at their respective places for buying the products from the SHGs/villagers.

While, for some activities, the market-linkages are being established by the project itself, specialized agencies have been roped-in for other activities. For example, Tripura Bamboo Mission (TBM) has been entrusted with linking all Bamboo-based SHGs and their activities to the appropriate market-channels. Medicinal Plans Board of Tripura (MPBT) has been tied-up with for undertaking all activities related to plantation and commercialization of medicinal plants and products.

Once the market linkages are well established between the procurers and producers, both the parties stand to gain in longer term- procurers are expected to find newer producers, and vice versa.

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