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VDPIC (Village Development Planning and Implementation Committee)

There are 8 Blocks under the IGDC Project Tripura- 5 in Dhalai District, 3 in North. Out of all the villages located under these 8 Blocks, the project is being implemented in 100 Villages. The project operates through two offices, Project Management Authority at Agartala, and District Project Management Authority at Ambassa, both run by Govt. Officials, contractual staff, and consultants. Apart from the statutory bodies mentioned above, there are village level bodies, VDPICs, in each of the villages. VDPICs are constituted with representatives of the concerned village, and one non-village representative- the Nodal Officer from the concerned Block.

Composition of VDPICs

i. Chairman- The chairman of the Village Council/GP is the default Chairman
ii. Treasurer- President of the JFMC. In case of more than one JFMC President from the same village, one is selected by the JFMC Presidents themselves
iii. Member Secretary- Nodal Officer (concerned Forester) from the concerned Block
iv. iv. Member- Concerned Village Community Worker (VCW)
v. Apart from this, 2 representatives from each of the constituting paras (Hamlets), 1 male and 1 female, are selected as members of the Committee.

  • Multiple sub-committees are being constituted under each VDPIC consisting of VDPIC members and other elected representatives in the concerned village.
  • Sub-committees are being formed to oversee the implementation of project activities related to line departments like ARDD, DWS, Fishery, Deptt. of H & FW etc.
  • Monitoring of all the related activities is also one of the responsibilities of the respective sub-committees.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • The VDPICs are responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and sustenance of project activities at the village level.
  • To ensure enlisting of the ‘truest’ needs of the beneficiaries, the project follows a participatory approach at the planning stage, i.e. the problems and needs of the villages are enlisted by the villagers themselves, as well as the probable solutions are also suggested by them. This is done under the guidance of the VDPICs.
  • Once problems and need identification is done, activities are taken-up, with assistance from the project as well from line departments of GoT.
  • While, the activities/interventions, supported by the project fund, are executed by transferring the fund to the VDPICs, line department activities are monitored and reported by the VDPICs.
  • For execution of the project activities (raising Nursery, Plantation, Bookkeeping etc.), and for sustainability of the livelihood activities being taken-up by the beneficiaries (Piggery, Fishery, Horti-Agri activities, Bamboo-based activities etc.), capacity of the villagers are being built, based on the needs, in various aspects. The selection of the right candidates for all the Capacity Building endeavors under the project, and thereafter their fruitful engagement for the development of the village, is ensured by the VDPICs.
  • By decentralizing the planning, as well the execution of the project interventions, up to the village level, the project has not only introduced a new idea, it is ‘empowering’ the weakest section of the society in real term by making them to plan, execute, and monitor their developmental goals by themselves.

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